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100 Affirmation Cards

to improve your mindset

What you say to yourself matters!

Repeating positive statements about ourselves can actually begin to change the way we think and feel about ourselves.

Affirmations help to increase our self-esteem and improve our self-image.

In addition, affirmations can help us to achieve our goals by increasing our motivation and confidence.

a little About affirmations

Affirmations are beneficial for those who are:


Short on time


Needing motivation


Struggling with self doubt


Seeking to train their mindset to be more positive

Hi, I’m Amanda

Having struggled with anxiety nearly all my life, I learned how to cope with it. However, after contracting Covid in January 2022, I developed chronic pain and was diagnosed with OCD and depression. This low point sparked a journey of healing and self development that I’d never known before. Through it I’ve learned how to manage my mindset in the face of challenges, find my purpose and enjoy life again.

As someone who routinely balances focus between family, work, home, school, and my own passions, my life is jam-packed. I learned that prioritizing moments of self care in your day can unlock higher levels of productivity and achievement.

When you take time for yourself (even just a moment), you are better able to show up as your best self for the many important areas in your life.

Introducing 100 Affirmation Cards

These cards are designed to help you improve your mindset, build confidence, and challenge negative thoughts. Each card contains a powerful affirmation that will help you become more positive and empowered.

Receive affirmations related to the following categories…

Self confidence





Personal growth

Bonus: 15 Day Self Care Challenge

Self care is a valuable practice that allows you to show up as your best self and be productive in the areas of your life that matter most.

Use this 15 Day Self Care Challenge worksheet to slow down and focus on what your body and soul need.

take a look at a few


“These affirmation cards are bright and cheerful. I cut them out and put them on my bathroom mirror and above my kitchen sink to remind myself to speak positivity over myself and other. Such great reminders – a simple daily practice that can make a huge difference in my outlook. Thanks, Amanda!”

– Marci Y.

“I am a huge fan of affirmations so was super excited about these affirmation cards. They are beautiful and cover so many different categories including self-confidence and gratitude. I found them to be very uplifting and have been coming back to them almost every day since I purchased them. Thank you for creating such an excellent product!”

– Taima T.

“This is a terrific idea that is much needed in my life.  I find these cards to be helpful throughout the day.   Just being able to glance at the affirmation is an instant mood booster.   I think this is going to help a lot of overwhelmed people.  Great job!”

– Sharon K.

100 Affirmation Cards


  • Includes one printable PDF file
  • Print as many times as you would like
  • 6 categories of affirmations:
  • Self Confidence, Happiness, Peace
  • Gratitude, Positivity, Personal Growth
  • Bonus 15 Day Self Care Challenge included

You May Be Wondering….

For the best results, we recommend using thick, high-quality paper (65 lb / 175 gsm or heavier) for printing. To make the cards even stronger, we suggest laminating them.

The file you receive is for personal use only. Commercial use is not permitted.

You may print the PDF file as many times as you would like!

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